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Stably profit of up to 2% per day for those investing in the future with Nubiotic’s SoC technologies.

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Quintessence of the company’s business vision

You’re invest in the processes initiated by research units of our company to develop modern biotechnology related to systems-on-chip, which, in turn, forms the basis of a wide range of medical equipment, which is sold by our company all over the world and as a result generates maximum profit for all participants of the process.

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Our special offers

Make investment from $1000 and take an opportunity to get Samsung S10+ or iPhone 11 Pro Max free!

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Our brilliant technologies for the better and convenient investing will be available in the nearest future.

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Min. investment: USD
Term: [[ ::plan.term | number ]] days

All investment offers provide for accruals only on working days. In the Artitifical Intelligence, Gerontology development and Immune research investment plans, in the nominal accruals together with profit the invested amount also included.

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The benefits of investing with us

Simplicity of usage

Intuitive interface and architecture of personal account and of all investment tools

Interest paid daily

Your investments generate profits daily, on business days. Your every second profit control.

No additional of hidden fees

The company does not charge any fees. You only need to take in account fees of payment systems!

The origins of trust to Nubiotic

The most critical aspects of why it is profitable, safe and reliable to cooperate with us.

The Nubiotic is an innovative company that has obtained all necessary permits and licenses related to medical developments. In addition, our company is entitled not only to the development of SoC technologies, but also to the international licensing of its products. But that’s not all! If you are looking for a reliable partner for investment, Nubiotic is the most correct choice, because all our commercial activities, as well as scientific ones, are fully regulated by the state. Therefore, our business is not only successful and profitable, but also as transparent as possible for all interested parties.

Because the whole team of the company sincerely believes that legality, openness and accessibility are the most important components that create an atmosphere of trust between the company and investors.

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With constant improvement, Nubiotic strives to achieve business excellence by pursuing full certification and standardization

State-of-the-art production facilities & equipment capable of high-quality, efficient and fast performance of technological tasks of any complexity

Comprehensive integrated engineering technologies which combine individual elements of information into an ingenious System-on-Chip

Advanced availability, consulting, and customer support systems ready to respond to the needs of investors worldwide

Most frequent questions about our work

What payment systems can be used at the investing in this investment company?

Investing is available with the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

How quickly will I make my first profit?

Once the investment is activated, the first profit will be available on the account balance in 24 hours.

In case the investment was created on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the first profit will be accrued at the same time as the created investment, but on Monday.

How quickly will my money withdrawal request be processed?

All requests for payment of funds, including bonuses and partnership rewards, can be processed from 10 minutes to 8 hours in case the whole interval of regulations falls on working days.

For example, if the withdrawal request is created on Friday, at the end of the day, it will be processed on Monday. Thus, in some cases, the time limit for payment of funds may be 72 hours.

Is conversion possible when investing or when a deposit is credited or when the earned funds are withdrawn?

Conversion is not possible under any of the options above. There is a single rule for everyone:

Profit can only be made in the currency used at the creating of this particular investment.

Conversion is only possible for money accrued on the account’s USD balance as a bonus for achieving a Partner Status.

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Take hold of your benefit!

Stably profit of up to 2% per day for those investing in the future with Nubiotic’s SoC technologies.

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