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Partnership Program

Your attention has presented a table showing the capabilities of the Partnership Program

Rank Personal
volume $
volume $
- -

* Partnership program rules

Once registered, you can create a 4 levels partner structure. In case the investor develops its own partner structure by receiving the Partner Ranks, the number of levels of the partner structure can reach 20. The partner reward for an investment of a partner of any level of the structure is accrued in the same currency that the partner used at the creating an investment.

Bonus program Become a Partner
Rank Bonus

The company pays investors for reaching them of certain Partner Ranks, with the exception of the Client Partner Rank, which is available immediately after registering a personal account on the company’s website.

To get a Partner Rank, you need to have your own investment. At the same time, we pay special attention to the fact that at accruing a bonus for Partner Rank, the company will not take into account the nominal value of the structural turnover of this investor.

Thus, for the achievement of the Partner Rank Partner, the company pays the investor a one-time bonus denominated 250 USD.

Partner Rank Representative will be marked with a bonus of 1,000 USD. For the achievement of Partner Rank Agent the company will pay the investor 3,400 USD. If the investor received Rank Manager, his bonus will be 7,600 USD. The Partner Rank Director will give the investor a bonus of 20,000 USD, and the VIP Partner Rank will be marked with a bonus denominated 75,000 USD. For the achievement of Partner Rank Premier, the company pays the investor a one-time bonus denominated 160,000 USD. If the investor received Partner Rank Shareholder, his bonus will be 300,000 USD. And the highest Partner Rank President will be marked with a bonus of 500,000 USD.

All bonuses are accrued to the account’s USD balance.


You can convert bonuses to a different currency. In order to convert the bonuses received by the investor for reaching a Partner Rank accrued to the USD balance, it is necessary to mail the finance department of the company the corresponding request for conversion at the email:

Turnover accruals rules

The following information is provided about how and under what conditions is formed the structural turnover of the investor depending on the level of his partner structure at which the investment has been created.

Rank [[ ::$index + 1 | suffix:'L' ]]
In the structural turnover the deposits are enlisted according to the formula
For all Ranks

As mentioned above, each investor, regardless of the nominal value of structural turnover, has access to a partner structure at the 4 level in depth immediately after registration of the personal account.

Structural turnover is the sum of a certain part of all investments of the partner structure of an investor, expressed in a certain percentage ratio.

The value of this percentage ratio depends on the level of the partner structure at which the investor’s referral was at the moment of creation of his own investment by this referral.

The deeper the level of referral in the investor's partner structure, the smaller the amount of the total nominal value of the investment will be enlisted by the system to the investor’s total structural turnover.

For example, the 3rd level referral in the investor’s structural turnover, a smaller amount will be enlisted than for the investment of a 2nd level referral, provided that both referrals have invested the same amounts.

Important financial information

In case the investor has created his own partner structure, he is entitled to the formation of the Structural turnover, which will consist of summed parts of the nominal deposits created by his partners. Thus, for investments of the 1st level partners investor will get in Structural turnover 100% of the face value investments.

If the investment was created by any partner of the 2nd level, the Structural turnover of the investor will increase by the amount equal to 50% of the invested amount; for any investment of the 3rd level the Structural turnover will be increased by the amount equivalent to 30% of the partner’s investment and for investments created by the 4th level partners, the Structural turnover will be increased by 20% of any amount.

In addition, from the 5th level of the partner structure to the 19th level inclusive the Structural turnover will grow by 10% of the face value of investments of the partners structure whenever they invest in our company.

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