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Title: New Vision

Vendor code: NV-BG 19837

Description: Synergistic bionic glasses allowing to return visual sensations to people who have lost partially or in full of their vision. Nubiotic’s SoC is used.

Application: New Vision glasses can be used by patients who have a residual neuroimaging structure.

Development: Clinical trial phase.

Title: Smart Bionic Prosthesis

Vendor code: SMP-1M 77472

Description: System of support and partial replacement of lost motor functions in people who have lost limbs. Biofibers and Nubiotic’s SoC are used.

Application: The SMP 1M system can be used by patients who have residual musculoskeletal structure. Compatible only with patients who have lost their limbs due to mechanical damage.

Development: Certification stage.

Title: T-Bio

Vendor code: T1-TB 14221

Description: Transformatic biochip recognizing and decoding synaptic brain impulses. It is designed for wide application in neurotechnologies.

Application: The T-1 is capable of working in any SoC, involving modeling of certain functions of the human brain and spinal system lost due to mechanical injuries.

Development: Clinical trial phase.

Title: Mobile Diagnostics Center

Vendor code: MDC-AI 98374

Description: Biotechnological artificial intelligence system placed directly in the human body. Developed on the basis of nanotechnologies and used for long-term observation of patients with complex disease flow.

Application: MDC is able to work inside human organs, treatting the progressing of some hard, incurable diseases. Nubiotic’s SoC is used.

Development: Clinical trial phase.